The MG Club of Bremen is a loose group of MG drivers that normally meet once a month. Our club is not a registered society, all activities are on a volunteer basis. There is no fee for anyone who joins us, just a little Euro for the petty cash box will do!


Our first meeting was on the 11th of May, 1983. It was held at the historic "Meierei im Buergerpark" at Bremen. At that time, as today our club promotes it's free spirit: No rules, No business, and Free membership in favor of...


·         Exchange of experience and hints:  "I just put the gasket the other way round..."

·         Mutual help for repairs:  "I'll be there tomorrow morning..."

·         Search of spares and people who can do it:  "A fellow of a fellow of a fellow I know, might know what to do..."

·         Offer of help in spares:  "Take this one, I've got another on the shelf"

·         Cooperation with other MG clubs and participation in their events:  "Who will join me next Sunday for a run to Little Abingdon...?"


Our members don't just polish their cars but really like to drive them hard in rallies and sporting events all over Europe. Highlights are of course trips to England where getting spares today, even for the oldest types, is not a problem.


We now meet on one evening of each month.


If you want to meet us our you need help or some informations please contact our Klaus Falldorf by Phone -

+49 (421) 622 900, send him a Mail or contact us here.